I'm Bill


MT Bill

Hey! Look at me! I'm MT Bill! - from Russ

Does anyone

know how to get the slashes out of each one's apostrophe?

This is working again

I'm waiting!

Suck it Trabeck

So is this where Chisem's writing career blossoms?

mmmmmm....White Cheaddar Cheez-Its...sooooo good

Seriously, I don't how I was not previously aware of the deliciousness that is White Cheddar Cheez-Its. They pretty much rock my face off. I just ate some as a post lunch snack and it made me very happy.

Mi Trabajo

This is what I work with.


Melissa - I think you still are the crazy one in the relationship... Sorry. :)


Honey we are going to have serious issues in our lives if a simple wait of six minutes for your cheese steak freaks you out this much. Why didnt you just wait the six minutes and eat in the "correct" order.....or you could have just eaten a frozen french fry or germ infected cheeto. I am no longer the "crazy" one in the relationship

Taste like Texas feels like home....or does it?!

So I was really excited about going to Luby's today, but alas my experience ended badly. First, the bacon cheese steak I get every time I go was not there. It turns out that now you have to get it made to order. So I was ok with the six minute wait time; however, after I sat down I realized the 6 minutes would be an issue. I eat my food in the same order every time. The entrée first, then the okra and then mac and cheese last. Since I had to wait 6 minutes I was forced to eat my okra first. I got over it though and went on with the meal. All was well until I checked out. Apparently the powers at be decided Luby's would no longer sell the Andes green mints and I always have two mints (its one of my favorite parts). This saddens me and I cannot imagine how the old people who eat there everyday are dealing with it…I mean I am only 25 and not having my mint threw off my entire chi. In conclusion, my experience did taste like Texas, but sadly did not feel like home.
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