Taste like Texas feels like home....or does it?!

So I was really excited about going to Luby's today, but alas my experience ended badly. First, the bacon cheese steak I get every time I go was not there. It turns out that now you have to get it made to order. So I was ok with the six minute wait time; however, after I sat down I realized the 6 minutes would be an issue. I eat my food in the same order every time. The entrée first, then the okra and then mac and cheese last. Since I had to wait 6 minutes I was forced to eat my okra first. I got over it though and went on with the meal. All was well until I checked out. Apparently the powers at be decided Luby's would no longer sell the Andes green mints and I always have two mints (its one of my favorite parts). This saddens me and I cannot imagine how the old people who eat there everyday are dealing with it…I mean I am only 25 and not having my mint threw off my entire chi. In conclusion, my experience did taste like Texas, but sadly did not feel like home.

Mmmm yes...jelly beans and what not


Bill's Mask

May the force be with you....please clean it after though


It is highly inappropriate for you to put wire hangers in Bill's sink. Melissa would not be happy

Chisem is Gay

Chisem is gay.

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